Blending Shelf with Cards (BS-SET)

Product Description

Blending Shelf (BS) is made of sturdy KorTron Board that holds the blending cards. Divided into three sections for ease in blending words and syllables and storing letter cards. 

Letter Cards for Blending Shelf (LCBS) used to reinforce CLOVER and syllabication. Coded for word or syllable location, the set contains 133 salmon colored cards with consonants, digraphs, vowels, beginning and ending blends, and clusters. 

Item Code= BS-SET          

It has come to our attention that Level One, lesson 79, has a blending shelf activity that asks for letter cards NOT in your pack. Let us know via email, snail mail, telephone, or add a note to a future order.  These cards will be included with all future orders.  

$ 50.00 $ 56.00

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