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Kindergarten Additional Support Materials & Activities

To download, simply click on a link below and a PDF will download or open in your browser window. 

Unit J: Food Groups
Food Groups PDF 1
Food Groups PDF 2
Food Groups PDF 3

Unit L: Senses
Senses PDF 1
Senses PDF 1
Senses PDF 1

Final Unit: All About Me
All About Me Pencil Pennant PDF 1


Kindergarten Writing & Assessment Pages 

Printable Black & White Pages

Practice Page Wide
Practice Page Primary
Assessment Page Wide
Assessment Page Primary

Printable Color Pages
Practice Page Wide

Practice Page Primary
Assessment Page Wide
Assessment Page Primary

Level 1 TG-1a 'cards' for  Lessons 

(Printed on card-stock, these cards will last for years!)

Lesson 20

Lesson 30

Lesson 35

Lesson 36

Lesson 47

Lesson 50 - Digraphs

Lesson 54

Lesson 58 - L Blends

Lesson 61 - R Blends

Lesson 64

Lesson 67

Lesson 68

Lesson 70


Level 1 Decodable Reader Samples

OPEN in Adobe Acrobat Reader.'Click' on Actual size, Print on both sides,
& Flip on short side, then Print.
Staple down middle and you'll have your free sample to enjoy!

I Can

The Grand Raft Band 


 Level 1 Supplement Posters

  • The two links below are designed for TG1a & TG1b/ Lesson 20 - Intro to short i.
  • If you would like 24" x 36" posters of these, please contact VoWac.
  • $20 plus s/h for the pair
  • Level 1- Open
  • Level 1- Closed


Level 1  Unit 10 'R-Controlled' Activities

-ar   controlled

-er   controlled

-ir    controlled

-or   controlled

-ur   controlled


Level 2 Overhead CD Supplements 

Volume 2A

Volume 2B


                                         Directions to Print the VōWac® Parent Guide

The VōWac® Parent Guide is set up in two separate PDF sets labeled Parent Guide Set 1 and Parent Guide Set 2.

                                                                                                Parent Guide Set 1
                                                                                                Parent Guide Set 2

Before you begin, know how to reinsert paper into your printer (or copier) to print on the reverse side. Not all printers use the same process. For example, in the VōWac® office, after the first set is printed, the paper is turned 180 degrees leaving printed side face-down (blank side face-up). This gives a double-sided print with the text and graphics in the same direction. If you know specifically how your printer functions, you will save paper and time AND eliminate frustration.

Step 1. Open Parent Guide Set 1

Step 2. Print the desired quantity.

Step 3. Reinsert the printed copies into your printer so they will print on the reverse side in the proper direction.

Step 4. Open Parent Guide Set 2.

Step 5. Print the same quantity as in Step 2.

Step 6. Collate the Sets if more than one set is printed. Each set should contain six pages.

Step 7. Saddle staple with staple's flat finish to the cover side. Omit this step if you do NOT have a saddle stapler.

Step 8. Fold into a booklet.


                                                 Taking The Guesswork Out

The article below was first printed in NCTE’s quarterly publication, Voices from the Middle. The author, Jay Richards, has graciously provided permission to VoWac Publishing Company to reprint this article in SMANTIX!

                                                                                     Taking The Guesswork Out of Spelling